Undergraduate Scholarship

Kasetsart University There are scholarships for undergraduate students. Needy Well-behaved With attention to education. The results of the study are to be graduated. According to the owners of capital and qualified specifically identified. This type of funding is as follows:

  1. Scholarship lack of pay. The scholarship donors, such as foundations, companies, retail associations Guest grant allocated to the scholarship fund of the 3000-72000 academic year
  2. Study of flowers. The scholarship donors, such as foundations, companies, retail associations, one person donated to the university. The interest that has been allocated as grants to students each year. Criteria and conditions specified value equity ownership stake of up to 3,500 baht per year
  3. Education Jobs returns. The scholarship donors, such as foundations, companies, retail associations, one person donated to the university. The interest that has been allocated for capital operations. Student monthly remuneration of 1,000 baht per month

Government Scholarship. Students have a duty to help the needy with education. Chance of success Curriculum

property of the students applying for scholarships

  1. The undergraduate students
  2. As the cost of education to the needy
  3. a grade level or to graduate scholarships based on criteria specified
  4. A good behavior. A student who is under disciplinary action
  5. Specific features The study indicated that


  • recruit
    • The last week of May to mid-June
  • interview
    • The last week of June
  • Announcement
    • In late July


  • 3rd floor scholarship. Division of Student Affairs Building Rapee Sagarik Tel. 0-2118-0175
  • Opening hours Monday – Friday: Breakfast: 8:30 to 12:00 pm. – Afternoon: 13:00 to 16:30 hrs.
  • View details. www.go.sa.ku.ac.th

Graduate Scholarships

Several options for financial support are available to Kasetsart graduate students.

  1. Oral Presentation Scholarships:
    1. Funds for students scheduled for presentations at international conferences are available.
      1. 10,000 baht for an international conference held outside Thailand
      2. Up to 5,000 baht for an international conference held within Thailand
    2. And awards grants to support research work published in academic journals. international Support of 20,000 baht per baht 10,000 Student Support Advisor and Chairman 10,000 baht.
    3. Teaching Assistant Scholarship Support graduate students and PhD. The department was selected as a teaching assistant in the Department of Basic. To grant a monthly basis. The number of teaching hours as follows:
      • Master’s degree student: 2,000 baht per month
      • Doctoral degree student: 3,000 baht per month
      • *** The department will propose to the Graduate School within the stipulated time. The Graduate School, stated in the announcement of each semester. ***
  2. Funding research and development of graduate thesis. The group has received grants and low-income college graduates. To allot to graduate students, 50 scholarships worth 750,000 baht for students wishing to obtain funding to prepare the application together with the report on the study (Transcript), and a project thesis sent to work scholarship / research Floor 3 deadline. the Graduate School, stated in the announcement of each academic year.
  3. Graduate Research Fellowships The work published in international journals. Supported by the Research and Development Inst 15 million baht per year, which is the capital continued. The graduate program in funded graduate students receive grants of up to two years per 100,000 baht for students who successfully complete the master’s degree PhD scholarship of up to three years per 100,000 baht and students. graduation Degree PhD. Received a grant of up to five years of 100,000 baht.
  4. Research Grants Department. This grant is to hire a student research assistant professor in the department. The students have equal opportunities, training and research income from work, students must contact the appropriate department. It is considered individually.
  5. PhD Project Kan Rd. And research grants for graduate students. Office of Research Fund
  6. Research grants for graduate students and doctoral National Research Council. Which will be announced in mid-June of each year.
  7. The national scholarship graduate of the Office of Science and Technology.
  8. Strategic Capital Network to develop and produce a professor in the university’s Office of Higher Education.
  9. Capital Bangkok Sports Club The yearly cost of 3 per share paid 24,000 baht to 12,000 baht per capital two years by a student in the first year of graduate school. Well-behaved The average score of at least 3.00.

There may also be other costs that will be occasional. The details on. Work Scholarship Graduate 0-2942-8445-50 calls to 215, 302 or visit the website. http://www.grad.ku.ac.th scholarships

International Scholarships

International Relations Division Kasetsart University Responsible for the scholarship / research. And personnel exchange program / Student Has been promoted by various agencies, both at home and abroad, such as the Commission on Higher Education (CHE). Embassies, educational institutions abroad. Association or international organization A collaboration between the University, etc.

At present, international scholarships are available for Kasetsart University students, faculty members and staff. Those who are interested in applying for scholarships should meet these minimum requirements:

  1. Have Evidence for Language Proficiency e.g. Japanese, English, Chinese
  2. Must be in good health, both physically and mentally
  3. Must be willing and able to travel alone
  4. Must read all instructions and criteria of the scholarships/grants carefully before applying.

For more information:

Funds and Fellowships Section
International Affairs Division, Kasetsart University
Tel: +66(0)2942 8725
E-mail: fro@ku.ac.th